The Structural Formulas of Creation

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True codes of the Torah

All that exists is matter. Letters and words of the Torah also are matter. In Hebrew, matter of the letter is miluy (filling). Matter is the fundamental substance of creation that can be described by structural formulas of creation. Also matter of the words of the Torah can be described by structural formulas. Such formulas are the true codes of the Torah. There is a known saying "God looked into the Torah and created the World", so there is a bonding between structural formulas of creation and the Torah codes.

A new discovery - structural formulas of creation

A new discovery - structural formulas of creation encoded in the Torah (codes of the Torah) open doors for the future and marks the beginning of a new era in the science based on spiritual and material knowledge. As a result, it will make the world a better place to live in.

The Torah codes - researches in physics, biology, chemistry

The structural formulas of creation is a novel way to do science by harnessing material and spiritual knowledge. Modern science is based on material knowledge and ignores spiritual knowledge. It deprives us of the ability to receive understanding and real appreciation of existing reality. The Torah codes could be of help by using the potential of Jewish wisdom and thus stimulate a development in all directions of science. This approach is especially attractive for fundamental researches in physics, biology, and chemistry and has ability to provide leads to new discoveries.

The Torah is general database of knowledge

The language of science and Torah describe the same reality. Hebrew's letters are patterns of building blocks of the creation and Holy Names are models of building constructions of the creation. The Torah is general database of knowledge and database of structural formulas of creation . Similar to science consisting of laws and formulas of diverse physical, chemical, biological systems, in the Torah encoded structural formulas of creation that are the true codes of the Torah.

Torah codes are structural formulas of creation

The codes of Torah are structural formulas of various systems of creation. Through research of such codes, it can be expected to identify universal bonds between atoms, molecules and other elements. There are two approaches in this direction. Finding relations between known structural formulas in physics, biology and chemistry and Torah codes (structural formulas encoded in the Torah). Investigating structures of chemical bonds, physical bonds, biological bonds through their description by Torah codes. The major purpose is to research unifying principles of bonds of elements in various systems of creation and structural formulas encoded in the Torah by Hebrew letters.

VISN software

VISN software

Structural formulas of creation is platform for investigation

Structural formulas of creation bears in it a powerful potential to transform the world we live in. Structural formulas of creation is the world's most power platform for investigation in science. Our mission is devoted to the future wherein, thanks to the authentic knowledge of the Jewish Wisdom, the world community will achieve prosperity and secure existence. Want to contribute to the structures formulas of creation? Suggest any conjectures, concerning about it! Join us ! Come work for the world's most perspective research's platform and do a new discovery.

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The book "Structural formulas of creation"

The book "Structural formulas of creation" shows that there is more to the Torah than meets the eye, namely, structural formulas of the creation (Torah codes) which are like formulas of chemical bonds between atoms, ions or molecules. The Torah is realistically capable of offering numerous discoveries and innovations of utmost importance for the future. This book contains 452 structural formulas of creation.
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